Dutchboy currently resides in the Bay Area.  He has produced and hosted many out hip-hop shows including “Sunday School Berkeley.”  In 2007, the BQE (Shante Paradigm & Dutchboy) released “The Digm & The Dutch” in 2007.

Tori Fixx

Tori Fixx released his seventh album “Couture (Cr-2)” in 2009.  It features tracks with Johnny Dangerous, God-Des & She, Deadlee, Tim’m West and more.  He continues produce for artists across the globe and DJs weekly.  He has been featured on The Tyra Banks Show and CNN.


Deadlee continues to perform, most recently a successful run at Highways in LA.  He is pursuing an acting career having just starred in the film “Hoochie Mama Drama.”  His video for “Good Soldier II” is part of LOGO’s “Ultimate Queer Videos.”  He is also managing new artists like Drew Mason and Captain Magik.

Johnny Dangerous

Johnny Dangerous released his second album “White Hot” in 2008.  LOGO featured three songs from that album that kept him in heavy rotation on the channel for a year straight.  He has just released two new EPs for “(Wan Dat) Azz Iz” and “Hotline” featuring QBoy and Soce.

Juba Kalamka

Juba will release his latest solo album “Oogabooga Under Fascism” that includes collaborations with Katastrophe and Tim Dillinger in 2010.  He most recently appeared on Penn & Teller’s Bullshit!  which is seen on Showtime. He is also an advice columnist for Carnal San Francisco.


Tim’m T. West

Tim’m West is now residing in Houston, TX.  He released his third solo album “In Security: The Golden Error” in 2009.  He currently teaches about hip-hop around the country, and tours as both a spoken word artist and rapper in his down time.

JB Rap

JB Rap shares his time between the SF Bay Area and Sacramento.  He works with various organizations promoting prison reform and environmentalism.  He, along with Juba, Tim’m and Marcus released Deep Dickollective’s final album “On Some Other” in 2007.

Marcus Rene Van

Marcus Rene Van currently resides in California.  He contributed to the final Deep Dickollective album “On Some Other.”  He is working on solo material for a future album. 

Here is a quick summary of what has happened to the artists featured in the film.  For up to the minute updates click on the artists’ links.

Katastrophe released his third album, “The Worst Amazing” in 2009.  It features collaborations with Aggracyst, Cathy Cathodic and SHaggy Manatee.  He continues to tour across the country.


Money continues to record and run her own studio in Houston.  She has recently worked with Snoop Dogg’s producer Keith Clizark.  She also hosts three shows on Radio 713.  She continues to live her life honestly and openly sharing her spirituality, life with disabilities and sexuality.

Shante Paradigm

Shante Paradigm is currently working on a solo album with Tori Fixx producing.  Together with Dutchboy she released BQE’s debut album in 2007.  She is completing her doctorate.


QBoy continues to be the UK’s most outspoken out rapper.  His album “Moxie” is out  now.  He is also remixing other artists including Princess Superstar.  He continues to tour Europe as well as the US.  QBoy hosted numerous TV programs on UK Channel 4.


JenRO is currently recording her fifth album.  Check out her webpage for details on how you can be on her next album and in her next video.   JenRO continues to tour around the world.  She has been featured on MTV and VH-1.

God-Des & Tina G are now going under the name God-Des & She.  They were featured in the season 3 finale of “The L Word” performing at Shane’s wedding.   Their third album “Three” was produced 

Scream Club

Scream Club are now residing in Berlin.  They run a successful label, Crunks Not Dead, and are working on their fourth album.  Their last album featured contributions with Peaches and Beth Ditto.  Scream Club tour the world most of the year.


Aggracyst is currently working

on his second solo album.  He is featured on Katastrophe’s “The Worst Amazing.”  Together he and Katastrophe recorded and performed as Ozone Axiom and released an EP in 2008.


Cazwell has become an internet sensation with his Perez Hilton-hyped track “I Seen Beyonce At Burger King.”  He guest starred on “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and was part of the 2007 True Colors Tour.  His most recent track “Ice Cream Truck” has been getting a lot of attention.

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God-des / Tina G. (aka “She”)

by Brian Hardgroove of Public Enemy.  They continue to tour the US and around the world.

Soce’s newest album “Life Lessons” comes out in 2011.  He plays many shows in New York on a regular basis.  And his latest comedy videos are all the rage.  He also produced the track “Lick It” for God-des & She that appeared on “The L Word.”

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