The founder of Rainbow Flava, the first queer hip-hop group to reach out to others through the internet and begin building a community of out rappers.  When he relocated to New York City, Dutchboy founded the group BQE with fellow “raptivist” Paradigm.  He also runs Phat Family records, an indie label devoted to releasing homohop material from around the world.

Tori Fixx

An early member of influential group Rainbow Flava, Tori now resides in Minneapolis where he’s built a new family of musicians, MCs and vocalists.  With his hip-hop flavored grooves that keep fans bouncing ‘til dawn, Tori is an impresario not unlike the Minneapolis-bred musical genius he once worked for - Prince.


The homothug face of the Los Angeles hip-hop scene.  Self-described as “that faggot with a gat,” who’s “out for the attack,” Deadlee takes control of the stage with a ferocious power, often leaving audiences as frightened as they are mesmerized.

Johnny Dangerous

Outspoken and outrageous, he refers to himself as an adult entertainer first before being a hip-hop artist.  His brashly brilliant lyrics and raw, in-your-face talent are complimented by the production skills of MC Tori Fixx.  Together, the two are keeping the Midwest contingent of the hip-hop community alive and well.

Juba Kalamka

Some see him as godfather to the homohop movement.  As founding member of Deep Dickollective, Juba launched Sugartruck Recordings, for homohop artists from around the world.  In 2001, Juba developed Peace Out - the first public festival of homohop performers.


Tim’m T. West

A successful author, spoken word artist, and MC who co-founded Deep Dickollective with Juba Kalamka in 1998.  He says he coined the term “homohop” to give a name to the burgeoning movement in which he found himself a player.  West tours the country regularly with spoken word events and D/DC, and is considered a true patriarch of the community that he’s helped develop.

JB Rap

Rhythm, Art, Poetry make up the acronym in his name, three elements that are perfectly embodied in this free-flowing MC.  He brings a youthful charm and breezy touch to the lyrics of Deep Dickollective, and his onstage presence and unique style bring a bounce to the band’s grand messages.

Marcus Rene Van

A veteran spoken word artist that joined Deep Dickollective in 2002, Marcus’ lyrical imagery and effervescent vocal delivery bring a touching, peaceful poetry to the world of homohop.   His gentle approach often places him in stark contrast to more assertive performers, but his messages are often all the more powerful because of his uniquely persuasive style.


Many of the artists appearing in the film met through the internet and PEACE OUT music festivals.  

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Winner of 2005’s OutMusic Producer of the Year Award, Katastrophe is the Man, with an intense, tongue-twisting style all his own.  His debut album, “Let’s Fuck, then Talk About My Problems,” takes listeners on the emotional rollercoaster that’s been his own life’s journey – a deeply personal album in the very best tradition of hip-hop music.


Money has been a gospel singer, MC, producer, and more recently, the successful proprietor of her own Houston-based label, Money Talks Records.  Her work is consistently guided by her deep faith and spirituality, which - along with her upbeat, outspoken manner - has made her one of the most unique artists working in hip-hop today.

Shante Paradigm

A multi-faceted, Brooklyn-based artist, Paradigm had often worked with Dutchboy, where their close collaboration led them to form the group, BQE.  In 2004, they established the East Coast’s first homohop event, Peace Out East.  This exclusive gathering of musical talent from across the country was proudly launched in New York City - the true birthplace of hip-hop.


The U.K.’s top queer rapper, as profiled in numerous British mags.  Along with his “Pac-Man Team” crew – including Mister Maker and Mz. Fontaine – QBoy’s relentless promotion and performance schedule has been instrumental in spearheading the homohop movement across the pond, loudly and clearly informing the EU that the queer rap movement has arrived.


Known for “takin the ladies and rockin’ the mic,” this youthful force of nature from the South San Francisco area has worked with an impressive line of local Bay Area hip-hop artists, straight and queer alike.  JenRO’s electrifying blend of rough lyrics and youthful insight have garnered her a fan base of all ages.

God-des / Tina G. (aka “She”)

Taking herself from the dairy farms of Madison, Wisconsin, to the mean streets of New York City, God-Des has set her sites on the fast-track to fame and fortune - and she’ll “never quit ‘til she gets that hit.”  Along

Scream Club

Self-proclaimed “queer superheroes,” Scream Club has leapt from a home base of Olympia, WA, to the queer-friendly shores of Amsterdam, taking their “socially awesome” messages to fans the world over.  The Scream Club live experience is something no one should miss, with its freaky-fun costumes and (extremely) interactive dancing.


Bigger-than-life MC from Detroit.  Being “outed” cost him his original producers, friends, and part of his fan base.  Relocating to Atlanta, he quickly found new freedom - and power - as an out and proud artist.  Aggracyst credits much of his success in rebuilding his career to the strength of the community he first discovered online. He's recently completed his first full-length album.


Cazwell is one of a kind, his own special creation. His propulsive beats and tongue-twisting rhymes are carving out a new musical style, while his streetwise fashion sense and eye-popping videos serve up visual panache to match.

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with soulful vocalist Tina G, she’s quickly gathered a following that’s catapulting them forward in their quest for mainstream success.

Soce the elemental wizard is the one and only gay Jewish MC spellcaster.  By day he works on Wall Street and by night he becomes a superhero   with powers that can whip up any crowd into a frenzy with his anthemic hip-hop tracks.

soce the elemental wizard